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Stacey M. | Leawood KS

"I had quite some damage to my pelvic floor from my 1st labor, which I wanted to correct  in preparation for my second child. This was coupled with tailbone pain from a previous bicyling injury. When I left Linda's office on the first visit, my body had been put back into the right place. It was like I had a "moment" & my body was telling me "This is what you're supposed to feel like all the time!" From then on, I knew I could trust all my PT needs to Linda!  She has the latest insights on solutions to pelvic problems, as well as time tested methods that really WORK! I wish I could pay her to come to my house everyday!  She has treated me for tailbone pain, birthing prep (which I believe, helped shorten my 2nd labor to only 3 hours!), recurring stubborn hip pain, early prolapse, and shoulder/back pain. If you are a person who wants to get rid of your aches and pains, you must see Linda!"
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