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About Femme Focus PT


Linda Mufich PT, CAPP


This bold woman's story

​Femme Focus PT  is a small, solo-practice clinic begun in 2018 by Linda Mufich PT.

It specializes in treating pelvic issues in women throughout their lifespan - from adolescence,  through the childbearing years, into menopause & beyond!  

Linda has 38 years experience as a physical therapist in a variety of clinic settings, but has devoted the last 25+ years of her career to her passion--Women's Health. She was one of the first Pelvic Health therapists in the Kansas City area, beginning her work with this patient population in 1998.  For nearly 20 years, she held the lead therapist role in the first hospital-based Women's Health PT program in the KC metro area. 

But with the healthcare delivery system ever-changing, Linda soon realized that to do her best work--giving the proper time & attention to often-times complex Pelvic Health clients--she would need to enter private practice.  There she could make sure she continued her intensive,  1+hour sessions with each client.

Giving more time to listen to each woman's story, and to perform in-depth pelvic testing, actually allows Linda to focus in more quickly on solving pelvic problems. 

This aims her clients down a path of quicker results & overall better symptom management.  It was the frequent positive feedback from her patients (like "Wow, you really got right down to my problem! or "Hey, you're asking all the right questions that no one else has!", or "I've done exercises before for my problem, but these are different--they really work!"), that helped her formulate her personal brand-- 

    "Femme FOCUS PT--Right On Target for your Pelvic Health Needs!!"

Her clients love her because she gets down to the business of helping them improve, starting at the very 1st visit!! 

She is also known for a creative & versatile treatment approach to pelvic problems.  Being a life-long learner, Linda draws from a large repertoire of therapeutic techniques, mastered through years of continuing education.  These include:

Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, Osteopathic Muscle Energy; Orthopedic Manual Therapy, EMG (electromyographic) Biofeedback, Visceral Mobilization,  IASTM/Gua Sha Blading,  Athletic Taping Techniques,  Ashtanga Yoga  & more.  She's even been known to incorporate doing your pelvic floor "Kegel"  exercises into traditional yoga routines! 

 Linda keeps abreast of "all things pelvic" & remains one of the most knowledgeable  clinicians in the Midwest.  For example, during the Covid lockdown, she challenged herself to learn 2 entirely new forms of therapeutic interventions during her downtime, & she now offers her clients--Dry Needling & Introductory Hypopressives , 

(a"Low  Pressure" Fitness technique for prolapse & DRA, popular in Europe & Latin America)!

Certifications in...

APTA Pelvic.png



needling hands.jpeg

Dry Needling

applying tape.jpg


older woman knee to chest_edited.jpg

200-Hr RYI Yoga Instructor


Rock Blades


Pelvic Floor Yoga Specialty

Linda is guided by the belief  that there is no "one-size-fits-all" when it comes to healing. Her experience has taught her that each individual may respond differently to the same therapeutic intervention, based on their physical or emotional state.  That's why her treatment plans are highly individualized & tailored to each woman's personal needs.  She also stresses self-care education & home exercise instruction, encouraging each woman to AIM HIGH, BE BOLD, TAKE CONTROL & STAY FOCUSED as they reclaim their bodies & heal pelvic issues. 


Femme Focus PT  is located in Prairie Village, Kansas--a northeastern suburb of the Greater Kansas City Metro area & near the KS/Mo state line.  Direct Assess laws in Kansas allow self-referral to physical therapy services without a physician's referral. However, Femme Focus encourages communication & collaboration with your other healthcare practitioners (DCs, OBGYNs, MDs, NPs, CNMs, LMTs, ATCs, etc.), & may ask your permission to consult with these,  for better outcomes & coordinated care. 

Femme Focus is a "fee-for-service" clinic model & does not bill your insurance for you.  However, prices for services are reasonable & competitive to other similar clinics in the KC Metro area. Many previous clients with out-of-network coverage have made successful self-claims for reimbursement to their insurance, though final determination is based on each individual's specific health plan.  

focus fist.jpeg

I want to be a woman of focus. I don't want to live by default, but by design.

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